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Most individuals look for a financial advisor when they face a life event. Two such examples include retirement decisions and the loss of spouse through death or divorce. The team at Security Financial Advisors, Inc. works with clients to help them navigate these life events.


Are you working and wondering “when can I retire?”
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For those working men and women saving for their retirement, (pre-retirees), talk to us about how we can provide you financial and investment plans. Having a plan in place will help define what needs to be done now for you to know when you’ll be best able to retire and meet your retirement goals.

For men and women evaluating retirement choices and entering retirement, (retirees), we’re ready to work with you on your income and investment plans to see how to best help you achieve your retirement goals. The team at Security Financial Advisors is capable of helping you understand the important role of social security benefits as well as analyze what the best decisions are for maximizing social security benefits. Social security is more than a monthly check. It is a meaningful amount of most retirees’ incomes, so making the right decision of when to begin can have a significant impact on the dollars you receive.

For those men and women who’ve lost a spouse, we understand your loss is difficult and that you’re faced with difficult decisions, but we also understand how important those decisions are. Let us help you understand the financial steps you’ll need to attend to and assist you in the process of creating high-quality financial and investment plans.

For those men and women considering, going through or who have gone through a divorce, we understand it’s challenging and that it also produces financial uncertainty. Allow us to provide you financial advice throughout a divorce and let us help you construct new financial and investment plans when you’re ready. We can work directly with you or with your attorney. Utilizing Family Law Software enables us to provide necessary financial information to your attorney in a seamless manner.


The Right Decision

Few decisions in life are as important as choosing someone to advise you about financial matters. At Security Financial Advisors, Inc., we understand there are three key tenets to making this decision.

1. You must have confidence in the person’s abilities and credentials

2. You must be comfortable with the advice you receive; i.e., it must fit your risk tolerance level

3. You must be secure in the knowledge that your best interests and your individual objectives are the primary concern of your Financial Advisor



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